Aft deadwood

174 days

The ballast keel had been bolted under the wood keel for about a month now. It has been sticking out and looking a bit out of place without the deadwoods which fill in the spaces fore and aft of the lead and finish off the underwater profile with a fair curve.
This week Barnaby made up and fitted the aft deadwood of three pieces using a large offcut of opepe for two. This opepe left over from the backbone structure has been used for the last year as a workbench. The third piece was a piece of Kenegie oak which has been lying around after being rejected as a possible stem. Unfortunately there are limited amounts of such large offcuts lying around and we're going to have to buy in some oak specially for the fore deadwood.

Although we're still waiting for the fore deadwood the transformation has been surprising. Holly Mae had been looking like a fishing boat hull or possibly a small pilot cutter but now with this extra depth she suddenly has the appearance of a Falmouth Quay Punt.