Ballast keel mould

131 days

This has been the last week of work for 2009 as I'm off next week to Aus to visit Finn. Back in late January.

So this week has seen a lot of preparation so that Mark and Barnaby don't get bored over the holiday ! Mark has been setting out the galley structure and working on the design for locker doors, the heads door and the skylight which he'll be putting together in his workshop at Potager. Remember Mark, only 2 panes of glass each side.

Barnaby will hopefully be building the rudder, although the design has yet to be finalised. He may also install the fuel tank if it comes early enough.

This week also saw more work on the berths, particularly the double berth in the forepeak. The sole in the forepeak is now more or less complete, and the engine has been set on its newly galvanised beds and a preliminary allignment carried out. And of course there has been the ongoing painting and varnishing when the weather has allowed. Even under the roof there has been so much condensation that it was impossible to get out the brushes some days.

Mark has nearly finished the mould for the ballast keel as you can see in the picture, the thing that looks like a coffin. So we're hoping for some better weather in the new year so that we can put some lead into it.