Canaries part II

I'm going to take a liberty here and fast forward you to 22nd Nov.............. we're at
Santa Cruz on the west coast of La Palma. On board are Annie Mae and myself and we're
awaiting the arrival of new crew. Annie Mae and I are doing a bit of maintainence
including some sail washing as I've noticed that the mains'l has several patches of salt
crystals which, if left, accelerate the wear of the sail cloth. We were in a marina, we
had a hose and there was no wind. Great. Ideal conditions, so I hoisted the main and set
to with the hose. When the deed was done I left the mains'l drying in the sun and went
below. Down below my new computer sitting on the chart table had also had a wash.

When I eventually replaced the 2nd computer it was with a TOUGHBOOK. Supposedly waterproof,
which Joe brought out when we met in the Cape Verdes. So the blogging is currently in
overdraft, and as much detail is quickly forgotten, I'm going to skip the rest of the stay
in the Canaries (for now), the better to remember the subsequent passages to Cape Verdes and
Barbados. I'm currently writing this on the last part of the Atlantic crossing with landfall
in Barbados hopefully about 24hrs from now.

Picture shows Annie Mae preparing provisions for TransAtlantic.