Coachroof and cockpit

178 days

This week we've put the first two layers of the lid on the coachroof. First it was the tongue and groove which had been pre-painted on the underside. This was screwed down onto the beams. On top of this we epoxied down some 6mm marine ply. Next week this will be topped by a layer of woven glass cloth layed in wet epoxy. This gives a really strong and totally waterproof finish which looks like a traditional canvas covering.

Also we've put in the backrest of the cockpit in some of the reclaimed teak. This was made into tongue and groove set vertically and stuck in place with the same sikaflex that we caulked the deck with so that there'll be no fixings (nails, screws or even teak plugs) showing. The backrest has a radius at the corners and slopes 10 degrees from the vertical so thet the t&g going around the corners had to be tapered. It was a bit of extra work but it's looking really good.

The forehatch was also screwed into place.