coachroof beams and carlins

171 days

The beams and carlins for the top of the coachroof went on this week. You can see them in the picture. The gap where the ladder is emerging is where the skylight will go, and the gap further aft is for the companionway. The planking to go on these is already painted, but we can't fix it on until the beams have had a lick of paint too.

Work has also continued on the cockpit. With the curved corners of the coamings being carved out of solid opepe this is a slow job but the results are looking good so far.

The knees for the bitts on the foredeck have also been fitted and work has begun on the deadwoods which fill the spaces fore and aft of the ballast keel.

We had a delivery this week of various bronze bits and pieces, including the bronze forehatch, a ventilation cowl , some fittings for the slylight and a selection of locker catches. You can see a picture of the forehatch on its oak upstand. It is glazed to allow plenty of light into the forepeak.