Coachroof glassed and painted

182 days

The glass matting was laid onto the coachroof and this then had a couple of coats of undercoat. We'll put the topcoat on when all other building work around there has been finished. More of the teak has been machined up for the companionway and Mark will be putting this together in his workshop which is better equipped for accurate work.

We also started on the engine box this week and the cockpit well. It's good to be getting on with the engine box as this is immediately below the companionway and access down below will be easier when this has been completed and the steps mounted on it.

The cockpit well is a marine ply structure which will also be sheathed in epoxy and glass matting. It is essentially a box with drains in it which allow any rain (or waves) which get into the cockpit to drain out through seacocks in the hull without having to pump.