Fitting the ballast keel

154 days

Well the deck planking is not all down as I thought , but this was due to work spreading in different directions this week.

Barnaby has been manoeuvering the lead ballast keel into place under the boat with greasy boards, a winch and a bottle jack. When we were happy that it was in the right place he set to drilling down through the wood floors, the wood keel and the lead ballast keel for the keel bolts. ( See the photo in the ballast keel gallery ). There 'll be nine bolts, the holes are 3/4" diameter and some were almost 4 feet deep so he did well to finish them all in a day. The bottoms of the holes then had to be counterbored to accept the washers and nuts. The holes were then measured and the bolts which have to be specially made have now been ordered.

Meanwhile up on deck, I finished off planking the port side deck and moved over to do the starboard side deck and Mark's attention was divided between fitting the basin and cabinet in the heads, and starting on the coachroof.

Also this week the sail plan was finalised. This with help from Theo Rye who has been giving invaluable advice over the past few weeks to get a sail plan that not only looks right but will be balanced. Theo will also be helping on the specifications for the spars and standing rigging.