foredeck after sanding sikaflex

167 days

With Spring around the corner , there has been much discussion on the possible month for launch. There is still loads to do, but progress has been good.

This week we had the help of Jim for a day, who is over from Falmouth Marine School on work experience. He spent most of the day on his knees sanding the deck which is now looking great.

Since the deck is now on and sealed there should be less mess down below and so we've begun to put back some of the internal fittings that were made earlier. Starting with the forepeak we've reinstated the small bulkhead in the bows, the sole and the double berth. (see picture) It's now just awaiting the squabs before we can start using it as a spare bedroom ! And when the wood shavings have been replaced by dirty socks, then I'll really feel at home.

The coachroof coaming has now gone back on to stay. Bedded on butyl mastic and bolted down with long bronze rods. The beams have also been cut and will go on next week when the inside of the coamings has had enough coats of varnish. Work has also started on the cockpit.