241 days

Work has been frantic and exhausting these last few weeks, but amazingly we've kept up with our schedule.

Monday the shed roof came off exposing Holly Mae to the light of day for the first time. I've had trouble with choosing colours from the paint mixing computer at Dulux. Colours on the boat never matching those on the colour cards. After several attempts we have a reasonable colour although not much as I had originally imagined.

Monday also saw the arrival of the mast and gaff. The mast just under 59' long was built by Wesley at Noble Masts in Bristol. It's a superb piece of work and impressively long. Because of the length and the bendy roads we had it delivered straight to PZ harbour where John Albrect came to measure up for the standing rigging. Everything going like clockwork so far.

Tuesday and Wednesday.............. more finishing touches to the spars, wiring going in down below, last bits of galvansing came back, rudder band fitted, rudder hung, tiller and mainsheet horse fitted, a massive clean-up operation, squabs newly covered by Clare taken inside .................... everything looking great.

Thursday morning I drove down to meet the crane and escort him up the last mile of twisty lanes. Excitement was rising as he manouevered into position. Just the last 2 bits of steel A frame from the roof to be lifted before Holly Mae would be gently lifted up through the gap where the roof had been and inch by inch lowered onto the low-loader. Andrew, the crane driver, carefully positioned the massive crane in the chosen spot. Out came the arms at each corner, down came the hydraulic rams that level and support the crane, and out poured the hydraulic fluid all over the ground from one of the many hoses that make the bloody thing work !!!

So no launch on 5th Aug. !!!

We're going to try again next week on Wed. In the meantime I've added a few pictures to the interior gallery