Rail capping at the stem

147 days

On Monday Ben and I spent the whole day lifting the ballast keel out of it's hole. If I said inch by inch it would give a false impression of speed. Suffice to say that it took the two of us all day to raise the five and a half tons about 24inches. O'level physicists will be able to work out how much work was done in Joules and the how much power was generated in Watts. I did, and it's not very impressive !
Dragging it sideways off the hole and moving it up into the boat shed was a bit quicker. We dragged it and shoved it with the tractor using sections of scaffold pole for rollers and old sleepers for rails.

Meanwhile, back in the shed Mark was fitting the capping rails which are now looking very smart on the painted bulwarks, and Barnaby was continuing on the quarter berth.
On thursday we were fitting a few blocks on the deck beams, doing a final bit of fairing and cutting the hole for the mast in the mast partners in preparation for starting to lay the deck next week.