Deck caulking

163 days

Another week of good progress. The seams are now full of sikaflex deck caulking over caulking cotton. This is a semi- traditional type of deck. We haven't gone for a sub-deck of plywood as many 'modern' wooden boats do, preferring instead an honest deck of solid douglas fir boards, 1 3/4" thick. A fully trad deck would have had pitch or Jeffery's marine glue (something similar to pitch ) instead of the sikaflex. The disadvantage of this is that it tends to become a bit sticky in hot weather and get transferred all over brightwork, not to mention clothes ! We now have to leave the sikaflex to fully cure before sanding it back to flush with the deck planking.

And as if this wasn't enough for the week, Barnaby also bolted up the ballast keel with a thick layer of black squidge between it and the wood keel. The keel had been dropped 4 or 5" after drilling so that the underside of the wood keel could be painted and the black squidge spread liberally on to the lead. It was no mean feat to jack up the lead into precisely the same position to accept the bolts